Matthew Perry. ‘Friends’ Property Mogul Puts Sunset Strip Home Up for Sale

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Matthew Perry placed his Malibu pad on the market a couple of weeks ago, bought a mid-Century modern over the summer (photos in the link below), put his Sunset Strip condo on the market and has just now listed ANOTHER sunset strip mid-century house on the market!

Enough flipping to make a homeowner dizzy and to possibly net Perry millions in property profits.

The 3BR/3.5BA place just placed on the market was bought by Perry for $4.475m in 2008 and is being listed for just under $5.7m. At about 4,100 sq.ft., the house includes a media room, 3 bedrooms and beautiful views over LA.

Though he’s been playing roulette with various shows over the past couple of years, it seems like Perry’s Monopoly skills are first rate.

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