Matthew Fox Officially Charged with Assault

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Just a year or two ago, Matthew Fox was the biggest star on TV, but now, he sadly seems… Lost.

Over the weekend, the Party of Five hunk was detained by police after an incident with a female bus driver named Heather Bormann. She alleges that the star punched her after she refused to let him on her bus, which had been rented for a bachelor party Fox was not a part of. Although he wasn’t arrested at the time, Bormann pressed charges yesterday afternoon.

The 29-year-old driver claims that Fox seemed drunk at the time. She told CNN: “He was swinging at my legs and, ultimately, my chest and my crotch area… He reeked of liquor. You could just smell it coming off of him. He had glassy eyes and a blank stare the whole time.”

The only bus we want to see Fox in is the Dharma bus from Lost.

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