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Matt Damon Covers Esquire Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Matt Damon covers the August 2013 issue of Esquire magazine. The actor is captured in candid black and white shots while discussing his best friend Ben Affleck and their rise to fame in “Good Will Hunting.”

“The summer after freshman year in college, [Ben Affleck and I] got a job together. I was eighteen. There was a theater in Harvard Square called the Janus. They had only one screen, and Ben and I got a job there,” Damon said. We were ticket takers and served popcorn — we basically did everything. But the kicker was that the movie we showed that summer was a movie Ben and I got relatively close on — ‘Dead Poets Society.’”

But it wasn’t long before both Damon and Affleck found their big break when they wrote and starred in “Good Will Hunting.”

“Being known as a writer did change the relationships I had with directors. The rap on actors is that they always want to inflate their parts. But when directors know you write screenplays and have a different view of things, you really get invited into the huddle in a much fuller way. And those collaborations end in friendships. That’s how it works. It really is all about relationships. If you enjoy working with someone, you’ll find a way to work with him or her again. It’s human nature.”

See more of Matt Damon in Esquire magazine in the gallery below.



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