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Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis & Family Guy Founder talk ‘Ted’dy Bears (Video)

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Creator of “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” host of Comedy Central’s Roasts, and Christmas album crooner Seth Macfarlane has now put his name to a feature film.

Utilizing Mila Kunis (“Black Swan,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) and Mark Wahlberg (“The Fighter,” “Boogie Nights”) as complements to a talking teddy bear who grows up alongside his owner, Macfarlane’s “Ted” is sure to strike the funny bone in hilariously inappropriate ways.

Of the Macfarlane/Kunis/Wahlberg trio, it’s hard to pick out who is busiest. While Macfarlane takes top billing as the highest paid creative in television, Kunis is in demand as leading lady with at least six films on her radar in addition to her “Family Guy” duties as Meg, and former ab-man Wahlberg, a producer on the television show “Boardwalk Empire” has producer responsibilities on at least three films and acting duties on another four films in the coming 18 months. Brand Wahlberg is also expanding, the Wahlberger burger joint made the news not too long ago, and the everywhere man is also finding the time this summer to launch AQUAHydrate (see the pics in the gallery of Wahlberg with the sports beverage in hand).

First up, though, is TED – the film comes out June 29, 2012, so check out the video interviews from the studio below, and the photo gallery from the film after that!

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