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Mark Wahlberg Makes Tattoo-Removal Session a Family Affair

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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is getting some of his tattoos removed, and he’s used the occasion as a learning experience for his two oldest children Ella and Michael. “I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through,” he told People.

Why is Wahlberg getting rid of his tattoos? “[All the tattoos] have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional,” he explained. “I don’t want my kids getting tattoos. And I wanted them to be [removed] by the time I did ‘The Fighter’ because putting makeup on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt.”

Tattoo removal is a notoriously painful and lengthy process. Do you think Mark Wahlberg’s strategy will steer his kids away from getting any permanent ink when they get older?