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Marisa Miller Heats Up Men’s Fitness

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Marisa Miller in Men's Fitness

The purpose of putting Marisa Miller on the pages of Men’s Fitness? To get their hearts racing, of course.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model offered fitness tips and life advice to the men who are obviously looking at the feature purely for the article.

How do you land a beauty like Miller? “Take care of your body in the best way you can, and that includes your skin,” she said. “My mom always told me, what you do now to help or harm your body will show up in five years.”

She continued with, “Find a sport or physical activity that you are passionate about — for me, it’s surfing or stand up paddle boarding. Just being outside is enough to reset and feel energized.”

As for her life advice, Miller said, “Always challenge yourself. Try something new or find a way to elevate your goals. You can grow only when you are pushed beyond your comfort zone and face your fears.”

Beauty and brains — this 34-year-old has it all.

Marisa Miller in Men's Fitness

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