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Madonna Sued Over ‘Vogue’

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Talk about a stretch in the statute of limitations: Madonna is being sued for her early 90s hit “Vogue.” Legal documents filed by a company named VMG indicate that the Material Girl and her co-creators/producers sampled a song called “Love Break” without permission or compensation. The track allegedly provided the horns and string section of the iconic dance hit.

So did the plaintiff involved in the case just awaken from a two-decade-long coma to discover the alleged infraction? Nope. Apparently, the sample was hidden so well within the track that it wasn’t until the advancement of today’s technology that it could be properly identified so a case of infringement could be proven. No word on how the accusers could hear and identify it when the song was originally released if it was hidden so well.

Madonna’s camp has yet to respond but chances are, they won’t just stand there, they’ll get down to it. They might even strike a pose since there’s nothing to it.

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