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Lucy Liu is Fitness Magazine’s March 2013 Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Lucy Liu in Fitness

Lucy Liu admits in the pages of Fitness magazine that she’s one of the lucky ones. Not only did she score in the looks department but the actress also confessed that she’s never had to worry about food.

She explained, “Part of being an actress is that people are going to judge you whether you gain or lose weight — it’s just sort of a given. But I’ve never had issues with food. When I was growing up, my family didn’t have a lot. So if there was food, I was going to be eating it!”

That doesn’t mean the actress has never had body issues. “I don’t have long legs so I’ve never said, ‘Oh, I love my legs.’ But I feel like they look longer and feel better than they ever have with the combination of Pilates and running. I run while watching ‘Downton Abbey,’ and I’ll increase the speed a little at a time, decrease it, and then raise it again. Each time I’ll say, ‘Just another 0.2 miles.’ I’ve found running is the fastest way to lose weight.”

Discover more of Lucy Liu’s beauty secrets in the March 2013 issue of Fitness.

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