Liv Tyler is Luscious in Marie Claire UK March 2012 (Photo Gallery)

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Liv Tyler in Marie Claire

Liv Tyler is the face of the March 2012 issue of Marie Claire UK, and in her accompanying interview, the actress discusses her divorce from Royston Langdon, her move out West and her career trajectory thus far.

Tyler has been a New Yorker for most of her adult life, but after her divorce, she and Langdon moved to Los Angeles. “We all moved to LA — obviously, separately — just to get a new perspective,” she explained. “I wanted to see what it was like. It was very healing. I have a lot of really good friends there.”

Liv Tyler also mused on her lifelong acting career. “I’ve never really stopped,” she said. “Even when I was a kid I’d work for a year straight and then I would take a year off. It always felt natural to live my life again and store things up to put in my next performance.”

Tyler was photographed by Marc Hom for Marie Claire UK; see those photos below.

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