Sweet, Freckled Freedom

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"Waah, I dropped my career in the ocean."

A few hours ago, the sky darkened to a deep fiery red and became forebodingly freckled. A steady snow began to fall, snow that inexplicably made everyone start talking non-stop and sucking on their teeth. Was it the end of days? Judgement? Nope. It was Lindsay Lohan, who officially finished her house arrest and is now free to come and go and chug and snort as she pleases. Popeater reports:

Today is quite a good day for Lindsay Lohan. She ends her four month sentence of house arrest and her twenty fifth birthday is just around the corner, on July 2.

What better way to celebrate her freedom and turning a quarter of a century, than partying in the Hamptons? NBC’s Today is reporting that Lohan’s name appears on the guest list for the L.A. Takes Over the Hamptons party at a private residence in the swanky New York beach town.

Because after four months of being forced to sun yourself on the roof deck of your private luxury home on the beach, there’s nothing like getting away from it all at a private luxury home on the beach.