Lindsay Lohan’s Cell Phone Lost; Returned

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Lindsay Lohan dodged a major bullet this weekend.

You’d think that after the Scarlett Johansson/Mila Kunis cell phone hackings last week, stars would be taking extra precautions with their phones. Like, maybe locking them in bulletproof safes and hiding them in underground bunkers, perhaps.

Not Lindsay Lohan, though. Lilo was whooping it up this past weekend after Fashion Week when she accidentally forgot her cell at the V Magazine party. A man who worked at the venue next door found the phone, turned it on, and was met with the welcome message, “Lindsay Lohan’s Phone”.

A less samaritan-like person would instantly sell the phone to the tabloids, but the man who found it contacted Lindsay’s team and returned it safe and sound.

Good thing, too–it allegedly contained tons of personal photos and various stars’ contact info.

That could have been a digital disaster.