Lilo Parties with Paris Until 4 AM

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When former frenemies make nice, the midnight oil gets a good burning.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are BFFs-turned-enemies-turned-BFFs once again after the once-quarreling pair kissed and made up at a party last week.

And it appears that the two most famous babes of the mid-2000s enjoyed an ’06 style night out this weekend, after witnesses saw Lindsay at a bash at Paris’s Malibu beach pad Saturday night.

In fact, sources say that Lindsay didn’t leave until 4 A.M., when she tripped across the sidewalk and into a car (with a driver), shielding her face from paparazzi.

A source close to both stars tells E!: “The girls have had their falling-outs in the past, but they’ve put that all behind them. They feel that life is short and they’re adults and have been friends way too long to let go.”

Wonder what Lindsay’s judge thinks of the new influence in her life?

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