Lindsay Lohan Macks On Chris Brown Via Twitter

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Which performance do you think was the cream of the crop at the VMAs? Lady Gaga-as-Jo Calderone doing “You and I”? Adele’s heartfelt, stripped-down “Someone Like You”? Beyonce’s epic belly-rub? Lil Wayne’s bleeped-out jam?

For Lindsay Lohan, there’s only one answer: Chris Brown‘s aerial mash-up. She made no bones about her jones for the singer, Tweeting:

@ChrisBrown killed it. #MTVVMAs

And as we all know, our Lilo never does anything halfway, so her next Tweet was no surprise:

@chrisbrown wanna meet?

Brown hasn’t responded (yet), but what do you call a romance that blossoms on Twitter? A tweetlationship?