Lindsay Lohan Late for First Day of Community Service

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As we reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan‘s probation was revoked and the judge instructed her to report immediately to serve her community service in the county morgue.

She was supposed to start her service this morning, but she arrived a shocking 40 minutes late to the coroner’s office. She explained that she was confused as to which entrance to use, but coroner’s officials still turned her away, telling her to try again tomorrow. She won’t get credit for service today.

Lindsay’s rep said the starlet’s confusion was “due to a combination of not knowing the entrance to go through and confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival.”

It’s also worth nothing that Lilo showed up driving an $80,000 Porsche Panamera. Our Linds might not be perfectly complying with the judge, but at least she’s doing it in style!

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