Lindsay Lohan: “I’m Too Broke for Therapy!”

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We want nothing more than to see Lindsay Lohan healthy, happy, and working, but the legal problems just keep piling up for the troubled beauty.

The same day she learned that a former Betty Ford center employee is suing her for assault, Lilo was admonished for not complying with the rules of her probation in court.

Yesterday, the actress and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner in Los Angeles for a standard progress check.

While it was determined that Lindsay was generally in good standing with the court, Judge Sautner was concerned that Lohan hasn’t maintained her court-ordered psychological counseling at UCLA.

Lilo’s reason? She can’t afford it!

An unimpressed Judge Sautner replied: “If she doesn’t have the means [to pay for it], she’s got to find someone to help her out.”

If Lindsay needs some quick cash, she can always pawn her shoes. The Louboutin platforms she wore to her court date cost $1200.

Don’t be a heel, Linds!


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