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Lenny Kravitz Stuck With Jennifer Lawrence’s $500 Candy Bill at Hotel

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Lenny Kravitz was recently left holding the bill after Jennifer Lawrence ordered some $500 worth of candy to his hotel room while filming “The Hunger Games.” Lawrence and Kravitz’s daughter Zoe have become fast friends, and the two would relax in Lenny’s hotel room while he was at work.

“I was hanging out in Lenny’s place and I ordered $500 on room serviceā€¦ of gummy bears without realizing it,” she explained to People. “[Lenny] was saying to Zoe, ‘Have you guys been ordering a ton of room service?’ And it was like, ‘No! What are you talking about?’ And then the crystal bowl appears filled with Gummy Bears. It must have been, like, 10 bags’ worth. I eat candy like a child.”

Lawrence admitted in the April 2012 issue of Glamour that she wasn’t permitted to order room service or open the minibar as a child, so it’s no wonder she went on such a sugar binge.

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