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Lena Dunham in Playboy (Photo Gallery)

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Lena Dunham in Playboy

Lena Dunham has made the ordinary something extraordinary with her hit television series, “Girls.” Now she’s dishing all of the details to Playboy.

Dunham admitted she’s careful about how she writes her male characters. “[I'm] just as careful as when writing female roles. Saying that women have been written as sassy best friends or slutty girlfriends since the beginning of time so now guys deserve whatever comes to them is not an acceptable excuse—even though it’s amazing to me that Hollywood persists in writing these two-dimensional female characters who don’t really exist. No wonder it’s hard for actresses to find parts that are meaty enough to connect with. It’s important to me to create fully formed characters who don’t feel just like good guys, villains, creeps or sluts. I want it to feel real. I want my male friends to feel just as much of a connection to my work as my female friends do.”

The actress also spoke about the pressure she feels. “Well, when you’re 26 you’re an adult, but you’re not exactly an adult. In medieval times I would definitely have been an adult, but I would’ve also been old and gouty and about to fall into a hole. But not now. The harder part is less about being adored; it’s more about being my age, having a real job and people who depend on me—and not being in service to someone else in their work. There’s a reason people are apprentices first: You get the bigger responsibilities when you’re ready for them. I feel I am ready, and fortunately I’m not drawn to behaving badly, which is good because I don’t have the option to disappear like some other 26-year-olds. If I did, you might find me eating a lot of cheesy carbohydrates, watching many episodes of a really shitty television show and sleeping in the afternoon. Of the seven deadly sins, I’m most guilty of gluttony and sloth.”

Read more in the latest issue of Playboy.

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