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Larry King Takes His Talk Show to Hulu

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Larry King

A life of retirement might not be the life for Larry King. The veteran talk show host hung up his suspenders in Dec. 2010 but thanks to an exclusive streaming arrangement with Hulu, he’s back.

King now records his four-day-a-week show out of a studio in Glendale, CA and has managed to secure guests such as Matthew McConnaughey, Regis Philbin and Colin Farrell.

Being on the Internet versus being on television has not changed King’s professionalism or dedication to journalistic integrity. He bleeps any curse words from guests, by his own choosing. He also has a strong opinion about the media today.

“A lot of it now is get it on, rather than get it right,” he said. “I’m not sure we’re better served, but you can’t compare eras. We certainly have more information at our disposal… but the Murrows are few and far between.”