Lady Gaga Gives Half Her Earnings to Her Dad

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lady gaga father

Talk about never forgetting where you came from: the New York Post is reporting that Lady Gaga gives half of her earnings to her dad, Joe Germanotta. The father-daughter duo has two LLCs, Mermaid Music and Team Love Child, and earnings are split 50-50.

“There’s really no justifiable sense to doing a 50/50 deal with anyone in your career, other than someone you’re partners in a band with,” said entertainment lawyer Josh Grier of the unusual situation. “Certainly no artist entering a management deal does anything close to that — a commission is usually 15 to 20 percent.”

But this is no typical management deal. Lady Gaga credits her father with helping her kick her cocaine habit when in 2007 he told her, “You’re f*ckin’ up, kid.” The two are exceptionally close, and the pop star has frequently called her father “my hero.”