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Lady Gaga Gets Real About Body Image

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Lady Gaga's Body Revolution via Twitter

Lady Gaga responded to rude and crude media reports about her recent weight gain by sporting her underwear and bra for her “little monster” Twitter followers.

The entertainment mogul launched the “body revolution” and encouraged her fans to get on board with the idea of being proud of perceived flaws and changing the mainstream idea of beauty.

“Today I join the BODY REVOLUTION. To Inspire Bravery. and BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION,” she wrote. “My mother and I created the BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION for one reason: ‘to inspire bravery.’ This profile is an extension of that dream. Be brave and celebrate with us your ‘perceived flaws,’ as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous.”

Many of Gaga’s followers accepted the challenge, and her site has already been bombarded with images of people who are ready to join the singer/songwriter in her battle against public image.

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