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Krysten Ritter Covers Fashion Magazine’s February 2013 Issue (Photo Gallery)

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Krysten Ritter in Fashion

Krysten Ritter looks lovely on the cover of Canada’s Fashion magazine.

Inside, Ritter spoke about her boyfriend. “He’s a ‘dude’. The guy’s a surfer from New Jersey. He’s great at acting and he’s successful but I don’t see him as an actor. He’s not the guy who gets his hair and makeup all done up to go out and he’s not reading ‘Us Weekly’ to see if he’s in it.”

As for her popular show, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” she said, “I do think my character is breaking the mold for females on TV. It’s always the boys who get to play the nut jobs and sociopaths. Guys usually get the funny lines and the girls often roll their eyes or have to set up the joke. She’s smart and confident, but she’s also a comic relief.”

That doesn’t mean her fashion sense is similar to her character. “Chloe is more costume-y than I would want to be in real life. She’ll wear a giant fake fur with high heels that cross the edge of insanity. In real life, I’m more grunge-y and gothy. I’m a proud child of the 90′s.”

Read more in the February 2013 issue of Fashion.

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