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Kristen Stewart Shines in Vogue UK (Photo Gallery)

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Kristen Stewart in Vogue UK

Kristen Stewart has been putting on a brave face since emerging from the cheating scandal that rocked the tabloids this summer. She seems stronger and more confident than ever before, and as her cover feature in Vogue UK clearly shows, she’s ready to get back to business.

She spoke to Vogue UK about her inability to play it cool, saying, “I know if you haven’t thought about how you want to present a very packaged idea of yourself then it can seem like you lack ambition. But, dude, honestly? I can’t. People expect it to be easy because there you are, out there, doing the thing that you want and making lots of money out of it. But, you know, I’m not that smooth. I can get clumsy around certain people. Like if I were to sit down and think, ‘OK, I’m really famous, how am I going to conduct myself in public?’ I wouldn’t know who that person would be! It would be a lot easier if I could, but I can’t.”

In her new film “On the Road,” the actress had to make a drastic change to her appearance by changing her hair color to blonde. “I feel like my whole body rejects it, but it was really important for the character. It was like learning an accent!”

The actress has learned a lot of lessons lately. At just 22 years old, isn’t that really what life’s about? Catch more with Stewart in the October 2012 issue of Vogue UK.

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