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Kristen Bell Brings Beauty to Zooey Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Kristen Bell in Zooey

Kristen Bell graces the cover of Zooey magazine’s September issue.

The actress might seem like the sweet girl next door, but don’t let her looks fool you. As she says, “I grew up such a goodie goodie. I didn’t even say ‘shut up’ until 2nd grade. I thought shut up was like f@#k. I would hear 5-year-olds saying ‘shut up’ and it was such a shock to me. My best friend growing up had a horrible potty mouth. She was such a rebel. She even got acrylic nails when we were 10. Such a rule breaker [shakes her head in mock disapproval]. She would try to egg me on to say shut up and I wouldn’t do it. Then it slipped out on the playground one day and I got that first wave of goodbye childhood.”

She needs that tough skin to be a part of the acting world: “You literally just triggered this memory of a teacher. I was singing ‘Surrey with a Fringe on Top’ [from Oklahoma!] and apparently I wasn’t connected and she let me know. She said, ‘If this is how you perform I just don’t ever see you working’ in front of my entire class. Devastated me… and I didn’t know how to make it better. 20 minutes after class ended, I got a call that I had booked my first Broadway show [Becky in Tom Sawyer]. It was the sweetest irony I’ve ever had in my life.”

Read more in Zooey’s September 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

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