Kendra Wilkinson Discusses Her Past, Parenting and Perez Hilton

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kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson recently penned a guest blog post for Parenting.com in which the reality star discussed her son Hank Jr.’s development, the troubling phenomenon of bullying and how she is afraid that her controversial past will cause kids to pick on her son one day.

“Anytime I do a radio show or interview or TV segment, I always get the question, ‘How do you think your son is going to feel when he finds out about your past?’ That question sometimes breaks my heart,” she wrote. “We are very open with our son, and when he gets a little older we will talk to him about everything‚Ķ A lot of people also think that Baby Hank will get picked on by other kids when he grows up because of my past, and I’ll be honest: that scares me.”

Wilkinson also complimented celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on his turnaround in the face of bullying. “He used to be really mean to some celebs on his site PerezHilton.com, but he took it on himself to realize that while he was trying to stop bullying, he was still bullying himself.” She noted that Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira, Jr.) took a big risk in changing the tone of his site — a “great and courageous thing.”

Read the rest of the post at Parenting.com.

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