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Kelly Clarkson Writes Open Letter to Address Clive Davis Claims

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Kelly Clarkson wrote a letter to her fans on her website to address Clive Davis‘ memoir, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Davis dedicated an entire chapter of his book to the “American Idol” alum, who openly admits she has a tumultuous relationship with the music mogul.

In the chapter, Davis talks about Clarkson’s third album “My December,” addresses her song-writing ability and claims she had a hysteric breakdown in his office. Clarkson, however, says she refuses “to be bullied,” and wanted to make sure her fans had her side of the story.

“So I just heard Clive Davis is releasing a memoir and spreading false information about me and my music,” she writes. “I refuse to be bullied and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation for myself and for my fans. It feels like a violation. Growing up is awesome because you learn you don’t have to cower to anyone — even Clive Davis.”

One such memory lapse revolves around Clarkson’s hit “Since U Been Gone.” Davis claims that the singer hated the song and began to cry hysterically in his office because he forced it on her album. Clarkson, however, says she loves the song and the only issue she had was wanting more guitars than the original demo. “We prevailed and I couldn’t be more proud of the life of that song,” she writes.

Clarkson does admit to shedding tears in Davis’ office on one occasion, but it had to do with another one of her pop hits, “Because of You.” She says he told her she was a bad song writer after he heard the song for the first time, which led her to begin crying in his office. “But I continued to fight for the song and the label relented. And it became a worldwide hit. He didn’t include that in the book.”

You can read more from Clarkson’s letter and passages from Davis’ book here.