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Katy Perry Gets Personal With The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Katy Perry in the Hollywood Reporter
Katy Perry has always revealed much of herself. From risqué fashion choices to tongue-in-cheek lyrics such as, “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” the pop princess and talented songwriter has never shied away from being completely honest. Starting on July 5, she’ll reveal more of herself than ever before with the release of her concert film “Part of Me.” Perhaps most impressive about this big-screen endeavor is the fact that Perry is willing to bet on herself. She’s literally putting her money where her mouth is by financing much of the film with her own money.

“My frugal business manager, God bless him, was sweating,” recalled Perry, “and I was like, ‘Please trust me.’ That’s kind of been the mantra I’ve said to everyone my whole life: ‘Trust me, I have a vision.’”

In a very honest interview and cover story for The Hollywood Reporter, Perry spoke candidly about many things, including the unraveling of her marriage, the media’s victimization of her religious parents and her big plans for the future. Check out the accompanying photo shoot below.

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