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Katharine McPhee Covers Women’s Health (Photo Gallery)

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Katharine McPhee in Women's Health

Katharine McPhee landed on the cover of Women’s Health and when you see her flat and toned tummy it’s easy to see why.

Inside, the actress/singer spoke about meeting her husband, who’s also in the industry on the business side of things. She explained, “I’m definitely not the aggressor. The first time I met [my husband, Nick Cokas], I didn’t think of it as anything— especially because I met him at a workplace. There, you’re focused on what you’re there for, and then you’re like, Oh, you’re cute!”

McPhee also spoke about recoding new music. “I’ve wanted to have a fun record for so long, and it’s fun! I’m not a serious person at all, and people who know me [know] I’m so goofy, and I want that to come out in the music.”

Read more in the latest issue of Women’s Health, available now.

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