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Kate Winslet is Muy Caliente in Vogue Espana (Photo Gallery)

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Kate Winslet in Vogue Espana

Kate Winslet is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, and with good reason. Not only is she a talented actress, but she’s an intelligent woman as well. She chooses projects that allow her to play a diverse group of characters and always seems to be challenging herself with each role.

In the real world, Winslet wouldn’t even be considered curvy, but Hollywood is a bit different. This doesn’t stop Winslet from feeling proud about her body, and it certainly doesn’t stop her from projecting a positive body image to her daughter. As she explained to Vogue Espana, “…when I was little, no woman said, ‘I’m proud of my body.’ I never heard my mother or my sister or my friends say that. So I make sure to tell Mia (her daughter), because positive reinforcement around the physical needs to start very early.”

When you look at the images below from her Vogue Espana editorial, it’s obvious to see why Winslet has such a positive outlook on her appearance.

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