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Kate Upton Brings Back 70s Chic in GQ Italia (Photo Gallery)

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Kate Upton, photo by Guy Aroch for GQ Italia

Kate Upton graced the cover of men’s magazine GQ Italia clad in nothing but a tight-fitting T-shirt and short shorts. No wonder she’s become such a favorite on the cover circuit.

At just 20 years old, the blonde beauty hasn’t always been the sex symbol she sees herself as today. As she told the magazine, “In junior high school [people] made fun of me because I was ‘flat.’ They said I was ugly because I did not have boobs. So I have always envied those who had. When I finally grew up [they] appeared… I’m in love!”

There is one group that is still not in love with Upton though, or at least with the nun character she played in “The Three Stooges.” That’s okay with her: “I understand why the Catholic Church is angry with me. But it’s all just a joke.”

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