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Kate Beckinsale Compares Herself to Freddie Mercury in Glamour UK (Photo Gallery)

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Kate Beckinsale in Glamour UK
Kate Beckinsale wears latex and lace in the August 2012 issue of Glamour UK. The “Total Recall” actress mused about her similarities to the late, great Freddie Mercury and her views on motherhood and aging in the accompanying interview.

“I’m a horrible singer and I’ve love to be so flamboyant and charismatic and eccentric,” gushed Beckinsale. “I’m comfortable in a catsuit. With a moustache? Oh, I think so. I am halfway there with the teeth!”

Kate Beckinsale also revealed that her father passed away when he was just 31, which gave her a unique view on aging compared to many other actors. “To me, aging is extremely preferable to the alternative, which is not aging. Every year I get past 31, I think, ‘Thank God.’ It’s a gift to be able to go, ‘I look different, that means I’m not dead!’”

See more photos of her in Glamour UK below.

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