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Kate Beckinsale is All Smiles for Allure (Photo Gallery)

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Kate Beckinsale Allure

“Total Recall” star Kate Beckinsale is all smiles for the August 2012 issue of Allure. The actress opened up to the magazine about her husband Len Wiseman and not feeling attractive until she was 29 years old.

“I didn’t feel very attractive as a child, and actually I wasn’t. Feeling attractive didn’t come until I was 29 and with [my husband] Len [Wiseman]. Maybe it has to do with not having had a dad,” she explained. “I’d never experienced a father saying, ‘Oh, you look good.’ If you have a good relationship with your dad, you have a chaperone in your own mind. I love my stepfather, but it’s different with a stepfather. I probably waited until I had that feeling with somebody who was so madly attracted to me that I could sort of relax and aim it at him. And then it kind of exploded, and all of a sudden I was the sexiest woman alive.”

Check out the rest of Kate Beckinsale’s Allure photo shoot below.

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