Kat Von D Gets Jesse James Tattoo; Storms Off TV Show

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You’ve heard of people having to cover up tattoos of exes’ names, right? That’s nothing compared to what Kat Von D is dealing with now.

On the new episode of LA Ink, filmed when Kat and her now-former fiance Jesse James were in the throes of love, Kat gets a new tattoo… of Jesse’s face. Literal and figurative ouch, right there.

Kat got the tat as a surprise for her chopper-building fiance, who laughed, “You’re crazy,” when she showed him his fifth grade portrait inked on her side.

In related news, Kat appeared on Good Day L.A. this morning, and when the anchor mentioned the new tattoo and Jesse, Kat went ballistic and stormed off the set.

Sounds like a bad day, L.A.



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