Kat Von D and Jesse James Break Up Yet Again

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Jesse James and Kat Von D: they’ve got more on and offs than a light switch (which, actually, come to think of it, only has one of each, but you get the point!). And right now, the lights are out. For good this time?

Jesse and Kat first called off their engagement at the end of July, but announced their reconciliation just a few weeks later. At the time, Jesse said: “Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her. Showing her how special she is, and how much I love her.”

It sounds like he may have actually stopped fighting and striving, though, because Kat has revealed that the wedding is off. On her personal Facebook page, she wrote:

I am not in any way moving to Texas. I am not opening up another tattoo shop. And I am not leaving my shop here in Los Angeles, High Voltage Tattoo.

I am not in a relationship. (And I apologize for all the “back and forth” if it’s caused any confusion)

Oh, it’s definitely caused confusion all right, Kat!

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