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Karl Lagerfeld Shops, Cooks and Surfs the Internet in Elle France Editorial (Photo Gallery)

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Karl Lagerfeld in Elle France

One thing’s for sure: Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, does not live like the rest of us do. In a new editorial for Elle France, the Kaiser was captured doing things everyday folks do: shopping for groceries, reading the sports section at a cafe, surfing the Internet and prepping a meal in the kitchen.

The juxtaposition between the proper yet eccentric Lagerfeld and his normal surroundings is quite jarring. This is a man who readily admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that he has everything from his sheets to his robes and nightshirt changed and washed every day, and that he uses a 100-year-old French product to soften his bathwater. What could he possibly be thinking while perusing the aisles of a plebeian grocery store?

Check out more photos of Karl Lagerfeld living like the rest of us below.

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