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Kanye West Drops £8,000 on an 84-Mile Trip

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Kanye West isn’t exactly world-renowned for his thriftiness, but the rapper’s latest splurge — £8,000 on an 84-mile trip — might be his most extravagant. Exposay writes that West contracted a private jet and a Mercedes S-Class to transport him from Doncaster to Birmingham. The rapper and Jay-Z are in the U.K. for their Watch the Throne tour.

“He wasn’t too enamored with Doncaster and wanted to get out of the city and into Birmingham as quickly as possible — and this meant by jet,” a source told the Daily Mirror.

Kanye West’s spending spree didn’t stop there. His next act was to book the presidential suite and eight other rooms at the five-star Hyatt hotel in Birmingham. To welcome new girlfriend Kim Kardashian, he ordered 50 bars of white chocolate and 24 white roses; later on, he spent £1,800 on bottle service for the couple and his entourage.

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