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Justin Chatwin Not Returning to ‘Shameless’

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Justin Chatwin leaving Shameless

Justin Chatwin will not be returning to Showtime’s “Shameless.” Chatwin played Jimmy, a car thief who falls for Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum).

In the third season of “Shameless,” Chatwin’s character leads a double life — first as Fiona’s boyfriend who leaves his criminal past behind and learns to be domestic, and second as the husband to a drug lord’s daughter who wants to continue living in the U.S. At the end of the season, it is learned that he hasn’t been upholding his end of the deal and he his seen boarding the yacht of his father-in-law, leaving viewers to assume that he’s been killed.

A rep for Showtime confirmed the news of Chatwin’s departure from the show, adding that his character may reappear for an episode or two. What does this mean for Jimmy? Is he dead, is he alive? Will he return to the show for flashbacks, or will we find out that Jimmy is actually alive?

Hopefully all these questions will be answered when “Shameless” returns to Showtime in January.

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