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Justin Bieber Sued for Causing Ear Damage

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Justin Bieber in Forbes
Justin Bieber is being sued by a woman who says she suffered from irreversible ear damage after attending one of his concerts. It isn’t his music that caused the damage, but instead the sounds of Bieber’s screaming fans.

Stacey Wilson Betts alleges in her lawsuit that a heart-shaped metal gondola used as a prop to lift the singer above the audience “created a wave-like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena.” She also claims that Bieber waved his arms to get fans to scream even louder.

Betts now has tinnitus, and is looking for $9.23 million in damages in her lawsuit against Justin Bieber, the concert promoter, the arena and Bieber’s record label. Here’s a video of the gondola from a 2010 show:

Do you think Stacey Wilson Betts has a case against Justin Bieber?

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