Justin Bieber and His ‘Johnson’

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It appeared as though Canadian wunderkind Justin Bieber brought his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, to the MTV VMAs last night. And he did, but he also brought another date: his Johnson. And by Johnson, we mean his snake. And by snake, we mean his literal snake.

JB showed up at the awards show holding his new baby boa constrictor, and Entertainment Weekly interviewed him on the red carpet:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What your snake’s name?
EW: Johnson! You dirty boy!
Justin: I know. [laughs]
EW: Dude, your Johnson is small.
[Laughs and shakes his head.]
EW:What is he?
Justin: It’s a boa constrictor. It’ll get like four feet. It’s gonna get big.
EW:Has he peed on you yet?
Justin: No. I hope not!!

Justin won Best Male Video, and when he accepted his award, he thanked God and Jesus. But when it comes to pets, JB comes up with some very non-Biblical names.

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