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Julianne and Derek Hough Developing Ballroom Drama for Starz

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julianne and derek hough blackpool

Julianne and Derek Hough are working on creating a scripted drama for Starz that will show the darker side of ballroom dancing. Called “Blackpool,” the brother-sister duo will draw on their own experiences in the world of competitive ballroom dancing. The show will center around an annual ballroom competition in Blackpool, England.

“When you’re in the world, you’re so invested. It’s literally the be-all and end-all. But when you step back from it, you see that obsession with perfection and the fact that the lifestyle that you thought was so glamorous is actually a little shocking,” Julianne told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What makes it so interesting is seeing all of the politics and the scandal,” Derek added. “It’s framed in the world of ballroom dancing, but the stories that are intertwined are of the partnerships and the sex and the love triangles.”

Both Derek and Julianne will also serve as executive producers for “Blackpool.” While neither have plans to appear on the show, they both will be heavily involved in the casting process.

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