Julia Roberts, Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes Try To Eliminate Jennifer Lawrence – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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Neither an evil queen nor the son of Zeus were a match against the giant money-making monster that is “The Hunger Games.” Jennifer Lawrence’s powerhouse performance continues to dazzle as her film raked in $63.5 million this weekend, putting its domestic gross to date at over $250 million.

Jennifer Lawrence – “The Hunger Games”
As “The Hunger Games” continues to dominate Hollywood, it was only a matter of time before the blogsphere started popping up with stories about Jennifer Lawrence’s chances of nabbing an Oscar nomination (it’s never too early to start), and it looks like E! has kicked it off, pondering if Lawrence is the key to getting something the “Harry Potter” franchise couldn’t: a Best Actor Oscar.

Sam Worthington / Liam Neeson / Ralph Fiennes – “Wrath of the Titans”
The sequel to the 3D mythology adventurer “Clash of the Titans” returns with the 3D, the mythology, and stars Sam Worthington (as Perseus), Liam Neeson (as Zeus) and Ralph Fiennes (as Hades), but even the power of the Gods were no match for “Games” as it came in second with over $34.5 million. The reviews for “Wrath” were stronger than they were for “Clash,” but EW.com questions if Worthington has what it takes to really be an action star. For Neeson, however, his action star status is well established. And it will continue in the summer and fall as he stars in the blockbusters “Battleship,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and will return for “Taken 2.” So stay tuned WWTW readers, as Mr. Neeson will be a constant name this year.

Julia Roberts – “Mirror Mirror”
Audiences didn’t get that excited for this comedic take on “Snow White,” as “Mirror Mirror” took in only $19.3 million this weekend. Julia Roberts changes her “America’s Sweetheart” persona to wear the crown of the evil Queen, but even her iconic status couldn’t help. Roberts admits her evil role was even too nasty for her (as she told People.com), and though she loves to scare her kids, she did not allow them on set because she didn’t want them to see her nasty portrayal. Guess fewer Americans than hoped for wanted to see her mean side either.

The Celebs.com Winner of the Week is…
Like her film, Jennifer Lawrence takes the title for a second week. If you’re like us, there’s still a lot more roles to be seen before a Lawrence Oscar campaign can be taken seriously, but something that can be addressed now is how grounded the “Games” beauty has been in handling this life-altering past week. USA Today takes a deeper look at this aspect of the actress when they talked to her last week. And a special mention to distributor Relativity, which shrewdly released the trailer to their small indie starring Lawrence, “House at the End of the Street,” during the “Games” frenzy this week. The film doesn’t come out until September, but hey, if ya got the hottest thing on screen go ahead and flaunt it.