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Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Kristin Bell – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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It turned out that this weekend was a good one to catch up on any movies you missed this summer as the new releases barely made a dent in the box office.

The odds were already stacked against Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s high-speed bike messenger thrill ride “Premium Rush,” as it was pushed from an original release date of mid-January to this weekend (moving from one low-level release month to another is never good): it took in only $6.5 million. While Kristen Bell and her fiance Dax Shepard had their own cat-and-mouse chase movie that didn’t connect with audiences, “Hit and Run:” which only earned $5.5 million.

So Sylvester Stallone and his crew in “The Expendables 2,” even with a 55% drop in ticket sales, stayed at number one with $13 million.

Hardly a weekend Hollywood will brag about.

But on the specialty side there was one standout. The documentary “2016 Obama’s America” expanded this weekend and playing in two-thirds fewer theaters than the other wide releases the conservative doc based on commentator Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, took in $6.4 million; a perfect lead-in to the start of the Republican National Convention tomorrow.

But back to our stars Gordon-Levitt and Bell. Their films didn’t do the trick for us, however did either of them win the week?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – “Premium Rush”

With the moving of release date kind of a death blow for “Premium Rush,” JGL didn’t let that phase him as he went out with a brave face this week to talk about how he smashed through a taxi windshield during the shooting of the film in Manhattan and what his dream role is.

But we understand Joe if you’re more in the mood to talk about your upcoming titles, like sure-fire hits “Looper” and “Lincoln.”

Kristen Bell – “Hit and Run”

The hottie had fun this week with her man Dax Shepard going on MTV, Spike, E! and NBC’s “Today” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to talk about their comedy, which Shepard also wrote and directed. The two admitted to MTV that having chemistry was key to the film, with Bell saying that a lot of on-screen couples that we see have none. Bell also let it be known that she’d love a movie version of “Veronica Mars.”

And the winner is…

Let’s face it. JGL didn’t need “Premium Rush” to do any kind of business. His star status right now is impervious of a dud. But it would have been nice to see Kristen Bell find a hit. Her career so far has been an interesting mix of smart supporting roles (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) and good TV choices (“Veronica Mars,” “Heroes”), but she hasn’t found the project yet to elevate her to that next level of stardom. NextMovie.com this week took an interesting look inside why she isn’t a bigger movie star.

So Kristen we’re going to give you our Most Likely To Succeed award. We hope soon we’ll see you atop the WWTW podium.