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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Makes Directorial Debut at Sundance

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt made his directorial debut at Sundance 2013 with “Don Jon’s Addiction.” The film is about a man who prefers to watch pornography over real sex. The film debuted at the Independent Film Showcase on Friday.

Alongside directing the movie, Gordon-Levitt also wrote the script and stars in the movie with Tony Danza, Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore.

“I wanted to tell a love story, and in my observations, what gets in the way of love often times is the way the people objectify each other,” Gordon-Levitt said. “The story centers on a relationship between a boy and a girl, and the boy watches too much pornography, and the girl watches too many romantic Hollywood movies, and they’re both sort of objectifying each other.”

The actor says the film is a mainstream comedy but never would have been approved by a major studio, which is one of the reasons he chose to bring “Don Jon’s Addiction” to Sundance.

“It doesn’t follow the formula, but it’s going to get out there and be in front of mainstream audiences,” he said. “Sundance makes that possible for movies that don’t follow the same old formula to get out there and find audiences.”

Gordon-Levitt will also be hosting Sundance’s closing awards ceremony on Saturday.