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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Channels a Retro Vibe in Flaunt (Photo Gallery)

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt adorns the cover of Flaunt magazine quite nicely. The actor’s retro-inspired look for the October issue brings back remnants of old Hollywood glamour.

He might be one of the industry’s most-sought-after actors, but don’t call him a leading man. “Leading man is not a term I would use to describe myself,” he said. “I’m lucky enough to play parts I enjoy. Here in L.A., they like to distinguish a ‘leading man’ from a ‘character actor,’ and I don’t like that. I think a leading man is someone who simply plays themselves and who also happens to be handsome. Someone like Cary Grant. And I love Cary Grant. But I’m not him.”

The actor also spoke about his character in the new film “Looper.” “He’s a sad guy. On the surface he looks like a badass and a killer, but in reality, he’s not living the life he wants to live. He doesn’t have anyone or anything he cares about.”

The character in the film was actually written speicifically for Gordon-Levitt. “That’s the first time that’s happened in my career. And obviously, it’s a real honor, coming from a filmmaker I admire so much. Not long after we shot “Brick” together, [director] Rian [Johnson] started telling me about this time travel idea he had. That was in 2003. A couple years later, he wrote the script and we took it from there.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot below.

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