Jonathan Rhys Meyers Tried to Die

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Brood away.

I’m with Big Fun: teenage suicide, don’t do it. Don’t do adult suicide either. Because then you’ll be dead and I’ll be like, “where did so-and-so go” and then I’ll realize you’re dead and I’ll be sad. So cut it out, with the self-killing. That means you, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Per the Irish Independent:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been discharged from hospital after an alleged suicide attempt.

The 33-year-old Irish actor, who resides in London, was taken to hospital by ambulance on Tuesday night after reportedly downing pills.

Jonathan was discharged in the early hours yesterday and told The Sun “No comment”, when asked how he was.
So he’s Irish, alcoholic, and depressed. Could this guy be any more of a cliche? I guess he could. If he had red hair and wore green and said “yar tar tar tar” all the time.

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