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Jon Hamm is Thankful for Later-in-Life Fame

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Jon Hamm (Photo Credit: Romina Espinosa)

Jon Hamm doesn’t mind that fame didn’t find him until the age of 36, when he scored his iconic role as Don Draper on “Mad Men.” In fact, he’s downright thankful for it.

As Hamm explained, “I think if you find crazy success at a very young age, then it can be quite dangerous. The road to celebrity is littered with people who got too much too soon and weren’t equipped to handle it.”

The actor told Britain’s InStyle magazine that he believes late fame could be attributed to the success of his 15-year relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt. “I don’t think there’s a secret. Any relationship is challenging when you’re under the microscope we’ve put ourselves under, but it’s your personal life and it remains personal.”

He also addressed comparisons to his “Mad Men” character. “People tend to buy me a lot of drinks. I find myself having to turn down many of them — no one can really drink as much as Don Draper.”

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