Jon Bon Jovi Opens Charity Restaurant in New Jersey

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Celebs often give back to their communities, but none as deliciously as frontman Jon Bon Jovi, who’s opened a “pay what you can” charity restaurant near his New Jersey home.

Called Soul Kitchen, the menu features healthy items, but it’s what it doesn’t have on the menu that sets it apart: prices.

Jon told AP:

“With the economic downturn, one of the things I noticed was that disposable income was one of the first things that went.Dining out, the family going out to a restaurant, mom not having to cook, dad not having to clean up – a lot of memories were made around restaurant tables.”

“When I learned that one in six people in this country goes to bed hungry, I thought this was the next phase of the (Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation’s) work.”

Here’s how it works: you order your meal and, as Bon Jovi says, “if you want to come and you want to make a difference, leave a $20 in the envelope on the table.” If you have no money but want to eat, you can volunteer at the restaurant bussing tables, washing dishes, or working in the kitchen.

And although you might run into the “Livin’ on a Prayer” singer himself at Soul Kitchen, don’t expect him to be slinging food in the back.

“Last Friday, I was at the White House, serving on the Council for Community Solutions, got on a train, changed in the bathroom and got here in time to wash dishes Friday night,” he laughed. “I’m the dishwasher, for real. I can’t cook a lick.”

Jon, you give charity a good name!

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