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Jon Bon Jovi Nominated for Golden Globe Award

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Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi has received a Golden Globe nomination for his new song, “Not Running Anymore,” which is featured in the film “Stand Up Guys.”

The singer described how he wrote the song. “I had been writing songs for the band, amassing quite a few of them. Once you’re on that role, you start looking around for other opportunities. I got to co-write a song for Brian Wilson for the last Beach Boys record. It was awards season time last year, and there was all that brouhaha for only two songs being eligible for the category. And I remembered many, many years ago I had written a song and won a Golden Globe so I called up my agent in the movie business, and he said I’ve got just the perfect script for you. On Tuesday, I got the script, on Wednesday I wrote the “Old Habits Die Hard.” The director and the producer said immediately they think it’s one of the best things you’ve ever written nothing happens immediately in Hollywood.”

He continued, “So after I wrote the song, I went out and visited. While I watched on the monitor, I said I have another for you: “Not Running Anymore.” Because while I was writing for the band, I became obsessed with “Old Habits Die Hard.”

Find out if Bon Jovi wins when “The Golden Globe Awards” air on NBC Sunday January 13 at 8ET/5PT.

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