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Jojo Files Lawsuit to Leave Record Label

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jojo sues blackground records

Jojo has filed a lawsuit against Blackground Records in an attempt to leave her contract. The singer has released two records under the label — “Leave (Get Out)” in 2004 and “Too Little Too Late” in 2006. Since then, the singer hasn’t released any new music.

In the lawsuit, Jojo asks to be released from any further obligations to the label, especially since it seems they haven’t lived up to their end of the bargain. The company has not released any further albums from Jojo, as per their contract, even though she’s spent plenty of time in the studio. The suit also cites that Blackground didn’t uphold their distribution agreement with Universal Music, and failed to pay producers. The singer further notes that she is no longer bound to the contract because she was a minor when the original was signed.

Jojo says the many faults of her record label have caused “irreparable damage to her professional career.”

Do you think this could be the beginning of Jojo’s comeback?

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