Johnny Depp Talks Tattoos and Hunter S. Thompson in Aspen Peak Magazine

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Johnny Depp was interviewed for the current edition of Aspen Peak Magazine, and the “Rum Diary” star talked tattoos and his old pal Hunter S. Thompson. Douglas Brinkley interviewed Depp for the piece — an appropriate choice, considering Brinkley is the executor of Hunter S. Thompson’s literary estate.

“I just wish the bastard was here to see all of this commotion,” said Depp of his late friend. “Can you imagine him realizing that all these people are honoring him? In 2011? If there is a movement afoot to anoint Hunter as the greatest nonfiction writer of the 20th century, sign me up.”

Depp also discussed his many tattoos: “I consider tattoos my diary. I received my first tattoo as a teenager. My skin is a record of my life.”

Read the rest of the Aspen Peak Magazine interview here.

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