John Mayer Suffering from Granuloma

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Lady-killing singer/songwriter John Mayer has been laying fairly low ever since his disastrous Playboy interview in which he referred to Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm”. Aside from a few minor stories claiming he was upset about ex Jennifer Aniston taking up with Justin Theroux, the tabloids have been Mayer-free for the better part of a year now.

You’d think all that time off would be good for one’s health, but unfortunately, it’s been revealed that John has been diagnosed with a granuloma, which is a sort of nodule located in the throat.

“After several months of going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements due to something next to my vocal cords called a granuloma,” Mayer wrote on Tumblr.

He goes on to say that most of the tracks for his upcoming album, Born & Raised, have been recorded and mixed, but because of his condition, he’s unable to finish vocal tracks, so the album will be postponed until early next year.

Here’s hoping John’s body goes back to being a healthy wonderland soon.

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